Behavioural Biology

Via Borsari, 46 - 44121 Ferrara

Blocco B - Secondo Piano - Stanze 6 e 10

Sezione: Biologia ed Evoluzione

Responsabili: Cristiano Bertolucci e Leonida Fusani

Our research focuses on the study of animal behaviour in a evolutionary frame with a particular attention to circadian systems, sexual behavior, migration and navigation.


Augusto Foà

I am interested both in temporal and spatial organization of behaviour of animals. Most recently, my research has focused on spatial learning and mechanisms of orientation in lizards.

Foto Cristiano 2

Cristiano Bertolucci

My studies try to understand the over-all organization of the circadian systems and the evolution of timing systems. I'm attracted to know how circadian oscillators work and what role they play as mediators of rhythmic physiological and behavioural processes.

Foto Leonida

Leonida Fusani

The aim of my research is to understand how selection on behaviour shapes the brain. Natural and sexual selection favour behaviours that increase survival and reproductive success, and variation in behaviour is related to variation in the brain. My strategy is to integrate behaviour, physiology and neurobiology to study problems of systems biology in a comparative approach that involves both field and laboratory studies.