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Acipenser ruthenus

2n=60±2; 40 m+sm, 20 a, 100 FN Only macrochromosomes were counted
Serebryakova EV. 1972. Some data on the chromosome complexes in Acipenseridae.. In: Genetics, Selection, and Hybridization of Fish. (Ed. B.I. Cherfas). Translated from Russian by Israel Program for Scientific Translations. Keter Press Binding: Wiener Bindery Ltd. Jerusalem. pp. 98-106

2n=116±4; 66 m+sm, 40 a+mc, 172 FN
Fontana F. Jankovic D. Zivkovic S. 1975 Somatic chromosome of Acipenser ruthenus L.. Arch. biol. nauka, Beograd 27: 33-35 Abstract


2n=109-112; 159-165 NF
Burtzev JA. Nikoljukin NJ. Serebryakova EV. 1976. Karyology of the Acipenseridae family in relation to the hybridization and taxonomy problems. Acta Biol. Jugosl. Ser. Ichthyologia 8: 27-34 Abstract

2n=118±2; 82 m+sm, 36 a+mc, 200 FN
Vasiliev VP. 1985. Evolutionary karyology of fishes. Nauka Press, Moscow. 126-139. (in Russian).
2n=118±4; 58 m+sm, 4 a, 56±4 mc, 176±4 FN
Rab P. 1986. A note on the karyotype on the sterlet, Acipenser ruthenus (Pishes, Acipenseridae). Folia Zool. 35(1): 73-78 Abstract
2n=118±2; 82±4 m+sm, 118±2 + 82±4 FN
Birstein VJ. Vasiliev VP. 1987. Tetraploid-octoploid relationships and karyological evolution in the order Acipenseriformes (Pishes): karyotypes, nucleoli, and nucleolus-organizer regions in four acipenserid species. Genetica 73: 3-12 Abstract
2n=117.3±0.6; 57.2±0.3 m, 60.1±0.7 a, 174.6±0.7 FN
Arefjev VA. 1989. Karyotype variability in successive generations after hybridization between the great sturgeon, Huso huso (L.), and the sterlet, Acipenser ruthenus. L. J. Fish Biol. 35: 819-828 Abstract

Fontana F. 1994. Chromosomal nucleolar organizer regions in four sturgeon species as markers of karyotype evolution in Acipenseriformes (Pisces). Genome 37: 888-892 Abstract

Fontana F. Lanfredi M. Rossi R. Bronzi P. Arlati G. 1995. Established cell lines from three sturgeon species. Sturg. Quart. 3(4): 6-7

2n=118±4; 58 m+sm, 4a, 52-60 mc
Ráb P. Arefjev VA. Rábova M. 1996. C-banded karyotype of the sterlet, Acipenser ruthenus, from the Danube River. Sturg. Quart., 4(4): 10-12 Abstract
Fontana F. Lanfredi M. Chicca M. Aiello V. Rossi R. 1998. Localization of the repetitive telomeric sequence(TTAGGG)n in four sturgeon species. Chrom. Res. 6: 303-306 Abstract
2n=118±2; 58 m+sm, 4a, 56±2mc
Suciu R. Ene C. 1998. A note on the karyotype of the sterlet Acipenser ruthenus Linnaeus, 1758 (Pisces, Acipenseridae) from the romanian stretch of Danube River. Extended abstracts of contributions presented at the International Symposium Aquarom 98/Galati: 318-321 Abstract
Fontana F. Lanfredi M. Chicca M. Congiu L. Tagliavini J. Rossi R. 1999. Fluorescent in situ hybridization with rDNA probes on chromosomes of Acipenser ruthenus and Acipenser naccarii (Osteichthyes Acipenseriformes). Genome 42: 1008-1012 Abstract


m = metacentric; sm = submetacentric; a = acrocentric; mc = micro chromosomes FN = fondamental number