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My group investigates the mechanisms and functions of circadian oscillators that control physiological and behavioral processes. We are interested to understand how circadian oscillators work and what role they play as mediators of rhythmic physiological and behavioural processes.

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  • Behavioral and physiological analysis of vertebrate circadian rhythms
  • Molecular circadian clock and peripheral circadian oscillators in non-mammalian vertebrates
  • Extraocular photoreceptors in non-mammalian vertebrates


Nicholas S. Foulkes

Forschungcenter Karlsruhe (Karlsruhe, D)


Francisco J. Sanchez-Vasqez

University of Murcia (SP)

  • Molecular circadian clock of the Antarctic krill Euphausia superba

Rodolfo Costa

University of Padova (I)


Bettina Mayer

Alfred Wegener Institute for Polar and Marine Research
Dept. Polar Biological Oceanography
Antarctic Krill Group
Bremerhaven (D)




  • Behavioural rhythms in wild ruminants

Marco Apollonio

Stefano Grignolio

University of Sassari (I)




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