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My current doctoral research investigates the evolution and domestication process in the wild boar, focusing on historical processes and domestication within Italy. I am also interested in the evolution of color coat genes and their current distribution within the Italian lineage. My project involves the use of neutral and coat color markers of modern and ancient samples within a computational Bayesian framework to test alternative models of evolution.
I am as well interest in patterns of evolution of Neotropical bird species, especially among the Parulidae family, which was the theme of my master’s dissertation. I also participated in the investigation of the hybridization of marine turtles along the Brazilian coast, a still ongoing project.



2010 – PhD in Evolutionary Biology, University of Ferrara. Supervisor: Giorgio Bertorelle

2007-2009 – Master in Genetics, Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais, Brazil. Original title: Estudos de biogeografia histórica e sistemática no complexo Basileuterus culicivorus (Aves, Parulidae). English title: Historical biogeography and systematic studies                        in the Basileuterus culicivorus complex (Aves, Parulidae). Supervisor: Fabrício Rodrigues dos Santos

2002-2006 – Bachelor in Biological Sciences, emphasis in Genetics, Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais. Supervisor: Fabrício Rodrigues dos Santos



  • Vilaça ST, Lacerda DR, Sari EHR, Santos FR. 2006. DNA taxonomy applied to Thamnophilidae (Passeriformes) species: the first barcodes of Neotropical birds. Revista Brasileira de Ornitologia [Brazilian Journal of Ornithology], v.14(1).